King Luisong Clan

The following are some details about the King Luisong Clan:

Rajah Lapulapu - the older brother of Rajah Soliman; he led in Cebu and took the area of Mactan Island. 

Cousins of Rajah Soliman and Rajah Lapulapu: 
•   Sultan Kiram Sinsuat 
•   Sultan Hadji Kiram Misuari 
•   Sulu Sulatan Muhammad Badar Un-din

The grandsons of King Luisong : 
•   Rajah Sikatuna - ruler of Bohol. 
•   Rajah Gat Mauban - the trhird eldest grandson, took eastern part of Quezon, Sampaloc & Lucban. 
•   Rajah Enginda - covered the area of Bohol. 
•   Rajah Kolambo - ruler of Limasawa. 
•   Rajah Lacandula - took over Tondo. 
•   Rajah Humabon - the eight grandson, ruler of Limasawa. 

MAHARLIKA. Long before the Spaniards came to Philippines shores, the Philippine archipelago consisting of 7,169 islands with an area of 1,049,212,962 nautical square miles, including Guam and Hawaii was known as Maharlika. It was populated by Malays and ruled by the Tagean Tallano clans from the ninth to the fifteenth century. When the Spaniards started ruling the Philippines archipelago, they renamed it Hacienda Filipina.Of the many kingdoms in Asia, Maharlika was one of them under King Luisong Tagean Tallano, the father of Raja Lapu-Lapu and Raja Soliman, the successors of King Marikudo of the Sri Vishayan Empire. Its principal products at that time were peanuts (mani) exported to Mexico and European countries and Herbal plants known as "Nilad" with some medicinal qualities which were exported to Mainland China. With the passage of time, the Chinese traders changed the name Maharlika to Maynilad or Maynila.