Marcos, Yama-shi-ta treasure, The Majapahitan and the Srivijayan Gold, the Macabebes, Lupus and Virgin coconut oil, Deuterium and Cold Fusion, etc...

I think we need another one like Marcos to govern the Philippines.

Marcos was a nationalist and countered any Global financial oligarch's design for the Philippines w/c is to remain a Subservient economy as opposed to Japan, their enemy during the war, helped the latter in the postwar industrialization miracle. While the Philippines supplying the most casualties and recipient of greater destruction during the war was left to Independence prematurely without the benefit of the same recovery/reconstruction efforts. The fear of the Phoenix-like rise of the Philippines and it's destiny to world power and prominence as once before like in Ancient times is well known to the esoteric inner circle(Black Illuminati) of the cabal Zionist Anglo-Dutch-American financial oligarchy as they will lose their hold on humanity. Marcos has a sense of destiny (which oppositionist say "delusions of grandeur or messianic complex"), sensing hidden hands guiding him, noted great inequalities between opportunities between the elites and the masses. Marcos did everything counter to the oligarch's design for the Philippines which unfortunately succeeding presidents are willing accomplice. He promoted protectionism instead of globalization, promoted nationalization as against privatization of major industries and public utility companies like Meralco, MWSS, PNOC-Petron, National Steel etc(which was reversed by the succeeding presidents and made privatized), called for Debt Moratorium, shorten the term of stay of American bases, put a tuition fee rise cap(which Catholic universities, ironically, had it their way for it to be scrapped and now we have astronomical tuition fees), promoted security of tenure of our laborers instead of the contractualization law now in effect, built many roads, bridges, other infrastructures, built more State hospitals and Specialist hospitals like Heart Center and NKI, giving subsidized or free quality health care to the poor, constructed many geothermals, hydroelectrics and the infamous Bataan nuclear power plant(which was vehemently opposed and still today by the environmentalists like GreenPeace- sponsored by the Global financial oligarchs who owned the petrochemical industries and if only the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant became operational back then we could have been 90% self sufficient in energy and now instead, the opposite, which is 90% highly dependent on oil). 

Nationalist presidents are removed from office by hook or by crook by the financial oligarchs based in London and New York. The image of Marcos was painted in the local and international press as the greatest thief and credited to him those many human rights violations on the NPA rebels and sympathizers. Remember that Ramos was then the Constabulary Chief and some pointed out that Ramos was under Shultz and Kissinger and was recruited to serve as the oligarch's front-man for regime's change against Marcos.(see ) Light a fire movement was financed by those oligarchs supported by the local oligarchs(affected by equal opportunities principle and nationalization of key industries/public utility corp) here to spark revolutionary forces, mediated by the likes of Ninoy(whom others pointed out was a co-founder of CPP-NPA because of his connections with the NPA precursor, the Huks or perhaps simply formed an alliance with Joma). Ninoy was the one who exposed of Marcos' invasion plan to retake the Oil-rich Sabah. Sabah was originally under the jurisdiction of the Sulu Sultanate, which by the way, was an offshoot of the Brunei Sultanate just like the Manila Moro Sultanate of Raja Soliman. 

Initially, Marcos was an American boy, but some people say, he turned down Ronald Reagan's plea to have in their Federal Reserve, leased or given, part of the Marcos gold in order to back up their currency, the US dollar. Just like the Dubai gold was leased from a portion of the Marcos Gold. Just like also the Japanese banks, gold was also leased from a portion of the Marcos Gold, which according to the books, powered the post war industrialization of Japan. While the Philippines was at that time second only to Japan in terms of size of economy.

The Marcos Gold popular now as the Yama$hita treasure which is really part of the Asian treasure of our ancestors, the Hindu(Indio) Majapahitan(you can search the net for The Historical Will of Pansonum and Prince Balagtas of the Majapahit empire coming to Luzon which became popularized as the myth called Madyaas confederacy and the ten Bornean datus) and the Buddhist SriVijayan/Bisayan. Lakandula and Raja Sulaiman's were direct lineage to the Sultanate of Brunei. Sultan Bulkeiah(Ragam) who bragged of his SriBisayan descent and claimed he was also a descendant of Alexander the Great. He married the daughter of the defeated Datu Gambang of the ruling Majapahitan clan of Luzon kingdom or Selurung which was weakened by the devastation brought about by the Mt.Pinatubo eruption during the 14th century. The Admiral Zheng Ho was sent by the emperor of China, with his huge fleet of treasure ships to subjugate Luzon and nearby environs but failed thrice. It took Brunei to do the job. Ragam, perhaps, took advantage of the situation(devastation brought by Mt. Pinatubo eruption) and invaded the Lusong Kingdom and established Manila to oversee the trade for the Brunei's interest and to counter check Tondo(traditional eastern capital of the Lusong kingdom/empire; western capital somewhere in the Pampangan region near what is now Macabebe-Masantol-Baliwag-Hagonoy estuarine areas, known before as Sabang(estuary) or Zabag as in the writings of Moslem writers like Al-Biruni or Kingdom of Sapa or Sanfotsi as in the early Chinese chronicles). 
So from the lineage of Sultan Bulkeiah(Ragam) came the Rajah Soliman of Manila and Lakandula of Tondo from the intermarriage with the clan of the defeated Selurung/Lusung Kingdom.

Thus, the (RE)Unification of the two duelling clans happened in the Blessed Isles now known as the Philippines becoming their last stronghold against the advancing Western Exploration and eventual colonization. With the unification of the bloodlines of the Srivijayan and the Majapahit empires, brought about the bringing together of untold wealth and riches, the Asian treasure, accumulated from many centuries of trade of spices, of Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Southeast Asian wares, and of gold and silver throughout Maritime Southeast Asia, and even beyond spanning from East Africa to the Americas which dates back even before the time King Solomon and the Phoenicians were trading with Tarshish and Ophir and even before the Ancient Egyptians were looking for spices and treasures on their ancestral homeland, Land of Punt located in the far East in the Indies or Greater India(now known as Insular Southeast Asia) not in Ethiopia as the popular myth says. See and for the details. While Magellan was according to the journals of Pigafetta was looking for Ophir and Cattigara, the famed mythical El Dorado, which fired the imaginations of European explorers, He intentionally steered north of the Spice islands enroute to the location of that legendary Islands of Gold.

Prior to the advent of Spanish colonization, our ancestors most especially the Maharlika class and the warrior class, The Gold Warriors, eventually converted to Moro or Moslems via the missionary works coming from the Brunei Sultanate(remember the invasion of Ragam). Islam became the official state religion from the prior Buddhist and Hindu faiths while the masses especially the natives in the heartland, the Gold Miners, like the Aetas, Igorots, etc were free to remain in their shamanistic or animistic beliefs. Change in the official or state religion, usually happens, with the death of the king or ruler and replaced by the ruler professing another religion. Spaniards was able to colonized us because of the Divide and Conquer technique. The Indio(Hindu) chief of Tundok or Tondo, Lakandula, gave artilery gunpowder to the Spaniards which they used to defeat his half brother Muslim Rajah Soliman of the Moro Sultanate of Manila, the admiral of the entire fleet of the Brunei Sultanate. Or is it Tarik Soliman, admiral of the Macabebe armada? Soliman was with his canon-maker(Panday Pira) and his warriors, the Hagonoy warriors and the the Macabebe warriors and mercenaries, the most feared throughout maritime Southeast Asia and much sought after by contending states like Siam versus Burma and states like the Sultanate of Malacca now part of Malaysia and Sultanate of Aceh now part of Indonesia). ( or orções )

The Spaniards guarding the colony are only a handful at any given time, but their military force was augmented by the loyal Macabebe mercenaries as well as other natives with some additional Japanese mercenaries in fighting the Chinese invasions, repulsing the Dutch invasions, and fighting the English/British invasions. The Spaniards, tagging along with them, the Macabebe mercenaries and other Indios like the Pintados, etc where ever they went in conquering other areas like the Spice Islands, and the pacification of Mindanao. And sadly in bringing down the rebellions or revolts of their own brethren sustaining three centuries of Spanish occupation of the Philippines. The enterprise between Macabebes(originally loyal warriors of Lakandula and Soliman) and the Spaniards began with the failed Revolts of the Lakans, the failed Conspiracy of Tondo, Japan and Brunei. Many sons and relatives of the Lakandula were put to death and some in exile to Mexico. 

The Maestro de Campo General, Don Juan Macapagal of Arayat , Great-grandson of the last ruling ruler of Tondo (Don Carlos Lacandola), learning from the mistakes of his forefathers, allied finally with the Spaniards, giving them control of his Macabebe mercenaries, the Gold Warriors. He aided the Spaniards in suppressing the Kapampangan Revolt of 1660. He further aided the Spanish crown in suppressing the Pangasinan Revolt of Don Andres Malong in the same year, and the Ilocano Revolt of 1661. He led in the missions of the gold and silver-rich regions. Because of his outstanding career in the service of the Spanish crown, quite rare for a native of the Philippines during that era, the Spanish authorities decided to revive the special rights and privileges offered by the Spanish crown to Don Carlos Lacandola and all his descendants. The descendants of the Srivijayan and the Majapahitan clans reunited as the Lakandula-Soliman clan eventually became the Encomenderos or feudal Lords under the Spanish Crown, and eventually becoming the Illustrado Class, the likes of Jose Rizal, Del Pilar etc. The Katipunan under the sponsorship of the Illustrados fought for freedom, fighting the Spaniards and The Guardia civil, mostly the Macabebes. Finally the Macabebes sided with the Katipuneros under the leadership of the Ilocano General Luna, whom Marcos said was his ancestor. General Luna was confident he could win the war with guerilla warfare with his Macabebe mercenaries, Pangasinan, and Ilocano Katipuneros. But with the killing of General Luna by Aguinaldo's men, the Macabebe mercenaries or the Macabebe scouts sided with the Americans and help in the capture of President Aguinaldo not without the lead by the betrayal by some of Aguinaldo's men, and that's the start of the American Occupation.

The Marcos gold- said to be worth trillions of dollars accdg to the oligarch's sponsored books which fabricated the Yama$hita hoax(Gold is plundered by the Nazi and the Japanese from the Europian royalties and other Asian Countries)so as to plunder it from us. Remember the Golden Buddha found by a Rogelio Roxas and sequestered by Marcos and was said to be part of the Yama$hita treasure. Well, early Spanish explorers were dumbfounded to find so many gold bars and gold ornaments clad in the natives' bodies and the houses abound with anitos whom they worshiped and Buddhist and Hindu statues in bronze, copper and in gold which accdg to them the natives never worshipped and were told that those were heirloom passed down to them by their ancestors. By the time of the Colonization after many years after the death of Magellan, those gold etc were gone hidden at subterranean structures still guarded up to this present day by the Spiritual Hiararchy via the elementals or nature spirits intended for the Filipinos when the appointed time has come according to the mystics but some eventually resurfaced or unearthed as the Marcos gold which, to cut the long story short, was leased to our Creditors at certain matury dates. In turn, our creditors lent to us the paper money backed up from our own gold and now our National Debt is at ever rising value because of the fall of our currency manipulated by the oligarchs so we remain shackled in debt from our own capital which is the Marcos gold or Yama$hita treasure. 

Marcos was afflicted with Lupus nephritis, that's why they hid from the public the renal transplant procedures done to him, in order to project the Strong Man image. Mahilig kasi kumain ng bagnet(free radical laden omega 6 pro inflammatory fat w/c undergone pro oxidative process:frying;w/c when incorporated in the body will invite pathogens like viruses to cause further aggravated immune reactions in order to remove the toxins) kaya nagka LUPUS.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which untill now the medical community is perplexed on what is the real cause and what is the proper treatment.
A former executive in a pharmaceutical company owned by a Marcos crony), has a wife who had Lupus. Ironically, even though he worked for the Pharma industry who accdg to him has a hidden credo to promote only palliative treatments and remove curative drugs from the market, he has knowledge of alternative medicine. He cured his sick wife with biofrequencies/Rife therapies to kill the virus(which cause SLE) and have her under coconut milk diet(good fats - rich in antioxidants with anti viral effects)

A retiree from the same company, an elderly individual, disclosed that Marcos had a plan to construct more Nuclear Power Plants, this time using Cold Fusion technologies, using the fuel of the future which is Deuterium, which the Phil is very rich(Philippine deep)with gold as the catalyst(again we are very rich in gold),instead of palladium and, again, he said we are blessed with lots of coconuts, the TREE of Life,(source of Virgin coconut oil- from coconut milk which has cured the above's wife from Lupus).

Sensya na po sa pinagtagpi-tagpi na mga istorya. Samu't sari o pinag halo-halong maliliit na katotohanan weaved into a crazy tapestry to give you a bigger mosaic picture from a higher vantage point. Sheer nonsense or kalokohan at gawa gawa lamang ika nga nila ng mga di nakakaalam ng kanilang identity, culture and history. It's time we know our true National Identity by knowing our past, so we can move forward in fulfilling the Destiny of the Divine Providence for the Philippines as the shining beacon of Truth for the world. 
Well, the truth will soon be out. We are at the threshold of shifting consciousness and of the lifting of the veils of illussion.
Mabuhay mga Maharlika!